Off To Grandmother's House I Go...

It was a dark and stormy night. Sweet innocent and charming me was dressed appropriately in my best black patent leather strap-on Mary Janes and a frilly red dress with white lace petticoat as all good fairy tale children seem to dress. I pulled on an additional wool cape and began my treacherous trek thru the big scary forest along Redgate & Colley Ave. on my way to Bangkok Gardens, when a terrible 3 headed monster with one eye, brittle claws, and a tail with dull horns tried to ambush me from behind a rock that it had obviously crawled out from underneath! It threatened to run me down with it's motorized walker if I didn't give her a cookie. I took one look at her, flipped my curly blond hair to distract her, made a fist under my cape and KAPOWIE!! Right in the kisser!

And that's how I met Gable875.

The End.

Next time I ask her to write something nice for the About Us section, she might actually do it in a timely manner.

(wink, wink!) :-P


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*Waiting on Gable's version*