Wandering Willows Walkthrough

Ready for a new adventure? Welcome to Wandering Willows™, a whimsical world full of
wondrous wildlife and engaging quests. With over forty enchanting pets for you to befriend and train, you're sure to find just the right help completing quests for the land's amusing inhabitants, who range from gruff pirates to rocket ship commanders.

Garden, bake, and create clothing and bouquets with the treasures your pet fetches for you. You might even find a new pet egg to hatch! Spend some time in Wandering Willows today!

Wandering Willows™ combines the rich and engaging story and characters of an
adventure game with the questing, progression and personalization of a role-playing game to create a completely new experience for the casual gamer!

How to Play

* Simply click on the ground where you want to go and your character will move there or click and hold the mouse button to move in any direction.
* Click on people with a “?” above their heads and they will give you quests to accomplish and rewards when you successfully complete them.
* Use your pet to pick fruit from trees, dig up items from dirt mounds and charm wild animals.
* Items are stored in your inventory and you can use, wear or gift them by dragging them onto yourself or other characters.
* You can learn recipes and patterns that will allow you to create items using ingredients you found, receive and purchase.
*Shops in the world will sell you items by clicking on them.

Tips & Tricks

• Roll the mouse over your pet to see what it likes to keep it happy
• Every animal is different. Some are better climbers, some are better diggers and some are better at charming
• Buy extra thread and butter so you can cook and make clothes on the go!

Whats New!

Find, collect and train unique pets to help
you master a world full of surprises while
overcoming challenging obstacles.

• Over 40 different adorable pets to collect and train with unique specialties
• Over 150 quests to complete as you make new friends with the townspeople of Wandering Willows™
• Over 200 food recipes and 150 clothing and item patterns to discover and make
• An engaging story with a surprising twist!
• Customize your avatar with clothes and items that you make in the game

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