Preview: Passport to Perfume

Passport to Perfume introduces players to the luxurious and adventurous world of perfume making. This title allows players to coordinate every part of the process from sourcing exotic olfactory ingredients from different corners of the globe to designing custom perfumes. A unique mash up of three different game genres: time management, economic simulation and hidden object, the game also introduces players to a striking new central character yet to be revealed who is part adventurer and part sophisticated designer.

Passport To Perfume takes you around the world as Sophia, a young adventure-seeker, perfume maker and shop owner in the 1940's. You'll manage a perfume shop, create scents, select from elegant perfume bottle inventory and sell your creations to customers. On weekends, travel the world searching for rare ingredients, perfume bottles and new fragrance recipes. Will you find rarest of all—a secret fragrance worn by Marie Antoinette herself? Or will a rival perfumer find it first?

* 48 ingredients to mix and match
* 5 exotic hidden object locations
* 16 elegant perfume bottles

Coming soon from PlayFirst!

A Gamer's First Peek
by Pinky1130

In Playfirst's attempt to produce games that are different and appeal to larger audiences by combining several genres, the game play seems to be suffering. Such is the case with Passport to Perfume. I found the time management game play to be boring and not challenging. Although new tasks were added to each level, the difficulty level did not increase at all. The hidden object game play was laughable at best. The objects were huge and not hidden at all except for a few items that the player had to use a brush to uncover, but it was very obvious where I needed to apply the brush. I played for the entire hour trial and this part did not get more difficult either. There is a section where I mixed fragrances to find the fastest refill time while not compromising the price of the perfumes. This wasn't thrilling either. Lastly, there is tycoon game play where I was asked to manage my funds and purchase items needed to sell the next day in the perfume shop, as well as buy upgrades. This is done with up and down arrow buttons like those in DinerTown Tycoon. The graphics were poorly done, and overall this game is just a dud, in my honest opinion.


RhyceSaroni said...

Agreed. We may just be smarter than the average PlayFirst customer though! Perhaps this game was meant for those types who share the proverbial collective brain cell?

John said...

Well the graphics aren't the hand drawn look we're used to in most PF games, but I think the 3D look has it's advantages. I wouldn't call it poorly done it's just different. As for the lack of gameplay, there's plenty of game play, it's just too easy. I think PF will fix that because that's the kind of things they look for during first peeks. Probably some people told them the game was too hard during a user test and they cut back way too much.

I realize the HOG isn't supposed to be a full scale hog but they could HIDE those objects better!

I'll withhold further judgment until the game is actually released.