Preview: Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost finds a misplaced community unwillingly transported to an untamed world with limited resources. The overriding mission in the game is to develop a nurturing and constructive environment that will enable your community to expand and strive and eventually uncover the key to enable a safe return home. This life simulation title adds a clever layer to the genre by positioning astrological signs as key elements that reflect different character traits and desires and effect gameplay. With enhanced resource management, a rich storyline, and challenging puzzles, Gemini Lost adds a fresh new twist to the growing life sim genre.


While exploring an ancient astrological site, you and your friends find yourself suddenly teleported to a new world with nothing but the clothes on your back! It is up to you to lead your people and get them safely home. To succeed you will have to manage your community to gather resources and food, build structures and conduct scientific research to help your community succeed. Grow your population by matching-making happy couples (make sure to check out their astrological signs to see if they’re a good pair!) and keep everyone happy as you face daunting tasks and puzzles in your quest to find the lost keys to the teleporter and return home.

* 12 zodiac artifacts to collect and use to restore your teleporter
* Over 20 puzzles that unlock new abilities, tools and challenges
* 3 mini games to play that unlock new tasks
* 20 trophies to earn as you increase your skill levels
* 18 science upgrades to further enhance your world

Coming soon from PlayFirst!

A Gamer's First Peek
by Pinky1130

I generally don't enjoy these life sims type games but I found Gemini Lost to be both enchanting and captivating. The world was fantasy like, similar to Wandering Willows, and that is an element I found very appealing. Instead of animals though, the game characters are people who are trained and skilled in varying tasks rather than having quests assigned to them, making the game more like Virtual Villagers, in that aspect. While I was matching mates with compatible astrological signs at the chapel, scientists were researching and gathering ingredients for medicine, builders were busy repairing bridges so they could get to the next lost key, farmers were steadily farming and bringing their produce to the eating place, babies were born, etc. One option I found most appealing is that I could let the game keep playing when I exited, or I had the option to turn this feature off. I'm excited for this game's release. It's definitely a 'must have'!

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