Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!

Love is in the air as Cupid visits DinerTown and Quinn starts planning her OWN wedding. With the magic of Cupid's love arrows, anything can happen! Match the right guests together at the new cocktail tables to earn a love bonus, but watch out for the wedding crashers or they will ruin the party.

*Play the most romantic Wedding Dash® game yet!
*55 levels of romantic wedding reception antics
*All new Cupid mini-game to spice things up
*Expanded wedding planning stage with more customization options

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Hobbit Hollow Review
By: Lattegato

After a rough start from PlayFirst and developer Sarbakan which saw the game released with major glitches like level scores not adding correctly, plus screen display as well as several game play issues, the fix is finally in for Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!

Quinn returns, in this third installation of the Wedding Dash series, having finalized her plans for her wedding to Joe. Except he doesn't know it! Cupid sees an opportunity to meet his overwhelming quota by using Quinn's wedding planning skills, in exchange for making sure Joe pops the question in time for the big event.

5 new wedding venues with colorful graphics, opportunities to meet or beat your budget during the themed wedding planning stage, a whole new set of quirky wedding guests, a fast pace, earning Cupid's Love Tokens, and helpful upgrades make this a fun sequel for the new or experienced Wedding Dash fan!

Our favorite game play items included wedding favors, chimes, the wedding crashers, and a cocktail table for bonus "flirt" points. Make sure the Mother of the Bride and Uncle Billy end up at the cocktail table together! There's a reason the Father of the Bride doesn't make an appearance here *wink*. Upgrading Flo's speed and choosing twin cherubs for an extra set of hands to help Flo deliver our wedding reception dinners were especially helpful.

We could have done without the mini shooting game which occurs once in each venue, and entails Cupid shooting arrows at wedding couples. Not only was it not very skillful, but replaying and choosing "Skip" would allow you to move past this obstacle without penalty to points. If you are intent on obtaining a perfect score of matching 10 couples in a row, aim high above the heads of the brides and grooms on the right side of the screen, as the arrow will fall as it shoots from left to right.

Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love has a skill level similar to the original Wedding Dash. Obtaining Expert score on each level is extremely easy. We would have liked to see a more challenging game, where Expert didn't mean just slightly harder than Goal. With a wide age range of customers at PlayFirst, however, it's understandable. Achieve Expert on all levels and receive one extra bonus level per venue. The bonus level points add onto your overall total score, unlike Diner Dash Hometown Hero, which we thought was a great improvement. The entire game was engaging enough to replay over and over on a quest for all PlayFirst game medals and reaching the top spot on PlayFirst's Global High Scoreboard.

Overall, a fun game for the whole family. Just watch out for Cupid's wayward arrows....or you could find yourself making googly eyes at a lukewarm hamburger!


Anonymous said...

I am SO not feeling that bow and arrow mini game... it kept me from finishing the beta! I could not for the life of me figure out how to hit the couples that were at the far end of the screen... I hope they make it easier so that I can enjoy! =)

Hobbit Hollow Games said...

Try shooting the arrow above the couples on the far side! When the arrow drops down as it flies, it will still hit the couple. You get a PF medal for a perfect score of 10 couples! You CAN do it! Good luck!