David T. Wenzel

Immerse Yourself In An Enchanted World Of Fun...that was the theme and description of our site that was in my mind when I went on a search for fantasy images to place here on the Home page. After much searching on the Internet, I came upon Hobbit Panorama and fell in love with the vivid colors and style. We have now added images to each page and hope you enjoy the artistry as much as we do.

The artwork at the top of all of our pages are used with permission of David Wenzel, an extremely talented children's book illustrator and artist. We are so appreciative of his artwork and allowing us to use it.

His giclee prints are available for sale, individually signed and remarqued, and would make beautiful prints for in your home or as gifts. Please visit and support his site at http://www.davidwenzel.com/.


Xchain said...

David's art really is good. Going to have to check out his site! How nice he is letting you use it :)

Daria Feherova said...

so cute! adorable! :)

no wonder you fell in love with it.